Preventive osmosis treatment

Despite all the technological advances in recent years, polyesters (which are the material used for most of the hulls) are not yet fully waterproof. It’s not a problem in itself, except when water molecules penetrate and meet empty spaces as air bubbles or badly treated parts.

To protect your hull against this phenomenon, the shipyard operates a preventive osmosis treatment applying on topsides an epoxy resin, rising up a waterproof barrier.

If your hull has been affected already, or if you have any doubt (in this case we can make a diagnosis), the shipyard can treat and refurbish it.

Curative osmosis treatment

In case of positive diagnosis, the shipyard is able to treat your hull:

  • Plane peeling to keep a flat surface, then sanding to make the hull perfectly smooth
  • Drying and humidity control
  • Epoxy and fairing application
  • Antifouling application
  • Finishing touches (sea-cock, propeller, propeller shaft, anodes…)

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