Sandblasting and surface preparation

Hull low-pressure sandblasting

  • Low-pressure sandblasting is inspired from sanding. Micro-granulates are projected at a low pressure, this treatment is softer than sanding or scraping and preserves the hull integrity. Leaving no scratches or sliver and makes a better result. Quality and environment respect are combined.
  • The shipyard owns the specific adequate machine to give your hull its initial shine before the application of a new antifouling.

Composite hull preparation, aluminum, steel, wood/epoxy

  • Sanding
  • Correction of keel joints
  • Shape modification
  • Fairing, primer, …

Reprise de forme sur quille Reprise de forme sur quille Reprise de forme sur quille

TYP coordinates the work and the modifications you want to do on your boat to make it faster and increase its performances.

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