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Fly Bridge Day One 85' construction

The fly bridge D one 85' is made on a flat marble structure and then assembled on a wood structure. To realize this building process, we first built a 27 meters long and 4.70 meters wide epoxy marble structure. 







We also built the wood structure which will be used to assemble the boat.



These first two steps were completed in December 2015, the real construction of the boat started on January 4th of 2016.  On february 23 rd, the two hulls were made and the port hull was turned.


The boat was built in 6 months and launched in the water at the end of June 2016.


Some figures:


  • 6 months of construction
  • 20T of resine, fiberglass and foam
  • Up to 20 boatbuilders employed on this project

New Concept, Day Charter D One Catamaran

Yacht Concept, Office of engineering and project management in La Rochelle, has developed a new concept of Day Charter Catamaran called Day One in partnership with an innovative naval architect Alexandre Fortaba and our shipyard TYP known and recognized for its multihulls.


The adaptability of a Day Charter to a dedicated and defined program is essential. The Day One is fully modular from 50' to 90', with a capacity for 30 to 150 passengers. All equipment and layouts are custom made. Each unit is studied with the operator to fully match with each particular commercial operation and with applicable regulations in their country.


Defined and built following professional ship requirements ( solidity, easy maintenance, security, liability). Day One brings innovations adapted to satisfy the expectations of all operators.


Day One is also available in Open cruise catamarans : 2 to 4 double cabins allowing for open cruises for several days in addition to a day charter operation.


The yacht concept and partners know-how allow us to propose totally custom builds made with a comparable budget to mass production.


The first 85' Day One with fly bridge was delivered in June 2016 in less than 6 months of production.




Under construction: 65 feet multihull

The three hulls of a 65' s/y are currently being shaped and built into the yard. The first hull (starboard) has been unmolded in october 2014. 

More information coming soon... 

60 pieds Isabelle Autissier PRB   Charente Maritime 2 Harris Wilson

PRB - 60 feet monohull forIsabelle Autissier, (Vendée Globe en 1996)

Charente Maritime II - 26 meters catamaran for Jean-François Fountaine and Pierre Follenfant

Harris Wilson – 60 feet catamaran for Jean Maurel


Pleasure boats

  • 12 meters cruiser monohull, lifting keel or double keel


  • Cruiser catamarans

Example of the day-charter catamaran, built in 8 months

infusion coque catamaran

assemblage coque pont

Sortie chantier catamaran

Started in June

Assembled in November

Delivered in January


Infusion technologies

In addition to contact stratification, the shipyard totally control vacuum infusion method, sandwich or monolithic.

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