Damien Renovation

On May 25, 1969 in La Rochelle, Gérard Janichon and Jérôme Poncet who were 17 years old at that time, went out aboard Damien for a 5 year round-the-world.

When they came back on September 22,1973 to La Rochelle, Damien's legend was born.Following that, it was designated an historical monument.

Sometime later, the boat was purchassed by Hubert Chevigny and then abandoned in the Vieux Port's shipyard in La Rochelle.

In 2012, during a conversation in the Grand Pavois Organisation's office was born the project of Damien's restauration.

Our shipyard will be in charge of the mahogany hull reconstruction.

October, 23 of 2012 : Entry of Damien in our shipyard,  the hull was disassembled


January 2014 : Replacement of longitudinals.


After longitudinals installation, shelfs were made, adjusted and pasted.


October 2014 : First layer's skin installation

March 2015 : Second layer installation

June and July 2015 : Finalisation of the third layer


July and August 2015 : Our shipyard is going to do various repairs ( stem, transom plate etc ) before to be exhibited at Grand Pavois 2015.

June 2016 : Replacement of floors.

BEFORE                                                                                 AFTER






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