Trimaran 65'

A Trimaran 65' construction started in June 2014 for Neel Trimaran. The boat is 19.80 meters long and 12.05meters wide, its height is 6.5 meters. The construction of the composite structure lasted only six months.


June 2014 : Mould reception and starting of gelcoating

The construction began with reception and handling of the moulds. Then, technicians installed and wedged the moulds in our shipyard in order to prepare and wax them. After waxing, technicians  applied gelcoat.

June- August 2014 : Starting of composite and manufacturing under vacuum pressure of bulkheads.

  • Starting of composite central hull and wings
        Following gelcoat application, a first vinylestere resine skin was made with isophtalical resine structure complement. Next it was a methodical work to adapt and glue under vacuum pressure the foam plates ( heart of the structure).
  • Manufacturing under vacuum pressure of bulkheads
         After foam cutting with numerical control, bulkheads were totally made under vacuum pressure on our 100 m2 marble in order to limit their weight and thickness.
End of August 2014 : Assembly of central hull with wings
First step of assembly : Connecting wings to central hull. At this moment the whole structure measures 5 meters tall and represents an area of 200 m2.
TechniyachtsPinta team also made floats in the sametime as composite.
End of november 2014 : Demolding  central hull - wings - bulkheads
After bulkheads installation, our shipyard was ready to demolde the trimaran 65' structure. This step required two cranes each  with 30 meters arrows each, two crane operators, their coordinators and all our technicians in order to ensure the security.
December 2014 : Assembly central hull - wings with floats
After demolding the central hull -wings - bulkheads, our technicians finished the assembly of the structure adding the floats.
January 2015 : Fly installation and boat delivery
After installing the boat on its transport support with a crane, technicians were able to turn and install the fly on the bulkheads.
After some finishes and a complete cleaning, the trimaran left our shipyard according to the initial schedule.
May 2015 : The boat was launched and has been sailing ever since then


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