Our Values

Our four core values

Customer Satisfaction

The trust you put in us must result in your complete satisfaction. Thus, for each customer, we strive to understand its needs to advise and support, to establish a trust relationship and make available all our material and human resources for its projects.

Research for performance

By looking for the most adapted technologies and products, and supporting our customers in their guideline, we do more than getting involved in their projects; we are looking for the performance gain for their boats. We are constantly in technology watch to be attentive to all innovative technical products.

Environment protection

Our technical choices respect nature and the oceans. We use the less harmful products and constantly look for clean and efficient products.

In addition, TechniYachtsPinta has signed the Blue Wave charter (« Vague Bleue »), which engages to eliminate properly the wastes, to respect good storage conditions and forbid open burning of any kind of waste. Sailing is an outdoor and nature leisure, it is essential to respect and protect our environment.  

Integrity and respect for people

Integrity and honesty are essential to establish trust and long-term relationships. Making men accountable, sense of dialogue, team spirit and self-accomplishment ensure our efficiency.

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