The site benefits of a 1800sqm warmed workshop on a 5500sqm land, the doors opening is 90 feet by 22 feets meters high, allowing us to receive large units. Available height inside the workshop is 14 meters.

manutention assemblage intérieur chantier

protection organes mécaniques

Care and protection of your boat

To realize any kind of handling, the shipyard disposes of its own trailers up to 80 tons and can use the port travel-lift up to 150 tons, located just in front of the workshop.

Manutention bateaux

Transport Trailers up to 80 tons

Portique levale bateaux

Sortie d'eau de grosses unités

Travel-lift up to 150 tons and hydraulic trailer at our disposal.

TYP has a full equipment for storing and securing your boat. Different types of cradles can be adapted to most of the boats, sailing or motorboats, mono or multihulls. Specific cradles are also available for Class 40, Open 50, First 30, A35, and more…

Calage des bateaux Parc de stationnement à terre


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