Parking and Winterizing

The 5500sqm closed site can receive your boat of any size, monohull or multihull, for a dry storage short or long term (electricity and water connection available).

Once your boat handled, hull will be cleaned, then we will put in order the deck, ropes and fenders.

Depending your needs, we can:

  • Lay-up the boat
  • Winterizing and frost protection of mechanical and comfort equipment
  • Put in order the sails, clean and revise them
  • Dismast your boat, packing and storage of the mast, running and standing rigging
  • Inside cleaning of the boat
  • Protection for a long stay
  • Periodic inspection: batteries, airing, …


Before putting the boat in the water, we can clean the hull and the deck, check the levels and engine start, antifouling…

Obviously, you can easily reach your parked boat during our opening hours.

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